Saturday, 9 February 2013

My thoughts on Justin Bieber Hassan Mohamed

My thoughts on Justin Bieber                                                                

Well some people will say Justin Bieber is some sicko who just sings to get girls attention well that's really your opinion of him but I would say that 25% of him is bad 50% of him is a boy who likes his career 15% of him just wants money well people in my school say he is a girl who were's lipstick and sings just to get girls attention and well I'm not starting to think that anymore because he broke up with Selena Gomes who I think should date Taylor Launther (no offence to people who have Bieber fever) and I do not now who should be Justin's Valentine on Febuary 13 2013 but you may think I'm some sort of stupid boy but he should date Miley Cyrus P.S plz don't think I'm a hater.    

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